Cando Solutions helps you find the best experts in the IT market

Hiring in the IT industry is hard. Our mission is to help organizations like yours find the best engineers out there. We can find the missing puzzle in your team or build a new one from scratch - tailored to your needs.

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Flexible Outsourcing

We went through the expensive and time-consuming process of finding and hiring the best software engineers, UX designers and other IT experts for you. Now we can jump start your project or reinforce your teams with the excellent professionals.

Staff augmentation

Single missing piece of a puzzle?

  • Hire top experts for a fixed hourly rate
  • Skills proven by Microsoft Certificates
  • Senior and Expert level of experience
  • Working on-site or remotely
  • Time to launch: not more than 5 business days

How can we help?

Our Fields of



We can provide software developers experienced in various technological stacks. C#, JavaScript and Python are our primary goto languages


UX Designers

Talented UX and graphic Designers are crucial for creating pleasant and ergonomic products. Excellent user experience can be the key factor for your sales


QA Engineers

Our QA Engineers and testers will assure the quality of your software. Less issues lead to happier customers and lower overall cost of running the business


DB Admins

Efficient databases are the foundation of high-performing systems. We can provide experts in SQL Server, MongoDB, Cosmos DB and PostgreSQL



Modern software development and shipping is based on fast response to business change. Our DevOps engineers will make this process effective and smooth


Cloud Experts

Cloud solution architects can save a lot of company's money by designing optimal deployment environment

Modern Tools

Our employees are always working with the latest toolset. Constant upgrade leads to the most effective way of producing software.

At Cando Solutions we always encourage following the latest trends in the field of tools and toolchains as we constantly see improvement across the industry.

... & modern frameworks


Modern Frameworks

We are always working with the latest frameworks and libraries to provide the best user experience.

Keeping the environment up to date is one of the crucial things about avoiding (or minimizing) technical debt.

... & modern methodologies


Modern Methodologies

Agile is nowadays a standard across the industry. Fast adaptation and shorter development cycle is what helps the business growth.

All our employees are experienced in various agile software development methodologies.

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